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My name is Vimal. I work for a company as EDP manager in south Kerala. Our place is located at a remote hill station away from city. I am married to a sexy girl Bindu aged 24 for last one year. We live about 6 kms from my company. In our adjacent house lives a businessman Anand and his sexy wife Sharmila. They are 34 and 30. Since she is a bit older that me I used to call her "Chechi". She is pure white like marble. I like her complexion. My wife is not that much white.

Usually when I bath sharmila will be bathing. Our bathrooms are facing each other with about 2-meter distance. She used to sing in the bathroom and I used to look through the ventilator to watch her hands go up occasionally when bathing. One day when I looked through the ventilator I saw sharmila looking at me through her ventilator. I was shy and I looked away. After 2 minutes I looked again to find see her still there looking at me smiling. I could see just her face but the thought that I am nude and she might also be nude gave me a hard on.

That day since my bike was at work at the workshop, I had to go by bus. Sharmila chechi was also coming in the same bus. We were standing at the front side of the bus. After the second stop there was heavy rush. I was standing just behind her. My cock between those gorgeous buttocks of hers. Whenever I got chance I pressed my cock against her ass and she made no resistance and also she was pressed back also. When the bus braked I touch her stomach. She was wearing her sari very low. I almost came in my pants. After the journey I excused myself since there was heavy rush in the bus. She told IT IS OK. After this day whenever I see Sharmila chechi, I get an erection.

After two days, there was a problem with their bathroom water supply. They came to our house for bathing. I missed the chance to look at her through the bath room ventilator. Then came the Saturday. It was half day for me not for my wife. I returned to house and after lunch I decided to take a bath since it was a hot day. I locked the front door and went to bathroom. I removed all my clothes and lay in the bathtub naked. After 5 minutes or so I heard some body opening the door. I made no noise to find out the intruder. Suddenly the bathroom door opened, as it was not locked. It was sharmila chechi. She had a spare key with which she opened the door and came in for bath. She did not see me lying in the bathroom. She closed the door and removed her nightgown facing the door not me. She was now standing with only bra and panties. She removed that also. I was shocked to see her full nude in front of me. Her ass was gorgeous and my cock came out of water erect. Then she turned towards bathtub. Her boobs were not as big as my wife's but they were well shaped. Her pussy was neatly trimmed. She was shocked to see my lying there naked, watching her. I stood up from the tub with huge erection. She recovered from her shock but made no move to cover herself and was looking at my erection with her eyes wide. She apologized to me that she was not aware that I was in and walked out NAKED leaving her dress inside bathroom. I dried myself and put it on around my waist and went out to find her. I found her near the dining table naked her ass facing me. I removed my towel and went behind her and touched her ass with my cock and squeezed her boobs with my both hands. Sharmila chechi turned towards me and hugged me pressing he boobs against my hairy chest and her pussy with my cock and said "Fuck me vimal, I want your cock inside my pussy." I lead her to bed room and started sucking her nipples while inserting my finger in her already wet pussy. She become uncontrollable and begged me to "PUT IT INSIDE". I entered her pussy standing and she put her legs around my waist. I was in heaven. The fact that this woman is my neighbors my wife add speed to my actions. We had 3 orgasms that day.

After the second orgasm, I told her we betrayed my wife and her husband. She told me that if that is the case we should include them also to this. The idea that anand would fuck my wife made us proceed to our next orgasm. We are now planning to make our idea a success. If that happens I will let you all know.
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