My "Diwali" incident with my father

I was just 18 years old at that time and hardly knew anything about sex. My mother had gone to Ooty to her parents place. My elder brother was studying in a hostel in Dalhousie, so I was alone with my father. One day when I returned from my tuitions, I opened the main door with the key and came in. I just peeped into my father’s room to see if he was there. I noticed then that he was nude from waist down and he was holding his penis and masturbating hard. It was the most embarrassing sight for me and I blushed.

At this point my father noticed me staring at him and he stopped immediately. He shouted at me and asked me to get out of his room. I did so. After this I noticed a marked change in his behavior towards me. It was like a mixture of shame and anger towards me. But soon I also forgot about this incident.

Now the day before Diwali approached. It is a Hindu custom to take a bath in oil and then bathe with a sandalwood soap on this day to purify oneself. Every year, I would take a bath and ask my mothers help for oiling my back. But this year my mother wasn’t there so I decided to try to do it myself. It was early in the morning when I got up that day. I was just contemplating of starting to oil myself, when I heard a knock on my door. It was my father. He was in only his shorts with oil glistening from his body. He asked me if I could massage his back as "mummy" used to do it every year. I innocently agreed, not knowing what was to follow. I went into his room and he lay down on the bed on his stomach. As I massaged the oil into his back, he moaned and said that my hands are really soft and nice and that his back is feeling really good. I was happy that I was able to serve my father to his satisfaction. He soon asked me to massage a little lower (his buttocks!) I blushed but he asked me not to feel shy, he was my father after all...

I started to massage his buttocks from under his shorts when I noticed that he wasn’t wearing anything underneath. He then told me to pull down his shorts and apply the oil properly. When I refused to do it, he did it himself. Now I was crouching over my own father who was totally nude, but with his back to me. I was very scared but I did what he told me to. I quickly finished massaging his buttocks and told him that I was thru and quickly ran out of the room without looking back. He then apparently wore his shorts and followed me into my room. He asked me if I would like him to massage my back. I instinctively said no, but my father started saying that I should not feel shy as he was my father and he had seen all of me when I was a baby. He somehow convinced me to agree by saying things like this. I was in my nighty that he asked me to take off. I was feeling extremely shy, so my father told me that he would close his eyes. So I believed him and took off my nighty...

I was now in a petticoat under which I had worn my bra and panties. "You are quite grown up now and you seem to have put on some weight", he said observing my slightly fleshy frame (I had puppy fat on my hips and waist). My father asked me to remove my petticoat too, but I refused and asked him to apply the oil under the petticoat. He started to apply the oil slowly on my back by climbing on to me from behind. He sat on my upper legs and started to move his hands up and down my back "under" my petticoat. As he was reaching upwards towards my neck, I felt something hard against my buttocks and I realized that my father had an erection! I was now very scared but still I thought that my father wouldn’t do anything - he was my father after all and this is India! He suddenly asked me to remove the petticoat as it was a hindrance to applying oil and literally started removing it himself. I had to comply. Now I was just in a bra and panty. He then undid the clasp of my bra and let it fall to the sides. "Now you are free for a good massage,” he exclaimed. He massaged my back well and slowly moved towards my buttock.

He slid my panties down and massaged the gap between my buttocks. I was now nearly nude in front of my own father. This was really shaking me up, when suddenly father inserted his oily fingers into my anus and started moving it in and out. I grimaced but my father assured me that this was necessary to be done at least once a year as it helps the bowels. This was feeling nice after some moments and I could feel a slightly tingling in my feminity, which I couldn’t understand, so I sighed. My father immediately noticed this and increased his activity. After a while he asked me to turn over. I was feeling shy so he himself turned me over...

My large breasts were now exposed to the world and so was my feminity. For the first time since my childhood, a man was seeing my naked in all my glory and that man was my father. I knew vaguely that this was something very wrong but I wasn’t sure. I could observe that his penis was now straining against the fibers of his underwear and there was a wet patch near the tip. He stared at me for some time and it seemed like he couldn’t decide what to do next. He asked me if he should massage my front too and I now agreed. He quickly spread lots of oil over my breasts and tummy and massaged them well. As he massaged my breasts he concentrated on my nipples for a long time. I was getting feelings that I had never felt before and I realized that I was enjoying it - my nipples became hard and pink. He then moved to my legs from toes up. As he reached towards my thighs a tension started building inside me. He asked me to relax. As he reached my inner thighs, I realized that something very wet was coming out of my feminity and a very sweet feeling was building inside which was sending currents between my breasts and feminity. He reached my feminity and exclaimed that I was very wet. He asked me if I knew the reason for this and told me that I was no longer a girl and had now become a woman. Taking advantage of the fact that I was innocent to what was happening, he made me feel guilty that I was becoming wet when my father was massaging me, implying that this means that I am sexually attracted to my own father. But now I realized that he was just taunting me to increase my lust. I now was feeling a tension inside my feminity which was about to explode when my father slid his fingers inside me. I tried to protest, but my father closed my mouth with his lips. I wanted to push him away now fully realizing what his intentions were. But I realized to my horror that my hands folded around his back and pulled him closer to me. It did not matter that this was my father; it was just a man who was very close to me. My pleasure suddenly peaked and I felt a virtual explosion within me. I was seeing stars and waves upon waves of an unimaginable pleasure coursed through my whole body.

When I opened my eyes, I saw that my father had also taken off his shorts and his penis was standing hard and high in all its glory. I realized that this was the penis that created me and wanted this very same thing deep inside me. I got up and kissed him there lightly. This set him on fire and he immediately pushed me down and spread my legs wide. He then slowly started pushing his penis inside me. It was hurting to start with but slowly as he pushed deeper and deeper the last barrier of my resistance to manhood broke away. My hymen split into a million pieces under his pressure and though I felt pain, the ecstasy of the pleasure of having my dear father so close to me just drowned it. He was soon panting hard and I was approaching a second explosion. At this moment, he said he would withdraw if I wished, but I had lost all reason. I had forgotten that I had a mother who loved my father very dearly, that this was my father, that this was a sin. I just wanted the love of this man who was giving me unimaginable pleasure. The very thought of this forbidden act was increasing my pleasure.

He tried to withdraw, but now I held him down by his oily buttocks and immediately this made me explode once again. Seeing my ecstatic face, he could hold it no longer. I could feel his hard penis inside me suddenly spasming and exploding as he shot what felt like liters and liters of his love for me up my body. He was ejaculating for more than two minutes and wanted to empty every drop of his love juice within me. We were both bathed in a warm light for almost an hour when we fell asleep in each other’s arms, with him inside me. When we woke up, he told me that he had never ejaculated for so long even with mummy. He told me that this was the best feeling he ever had in his life even from his youth. Then he said something that I will never forget for the rest of my life: Sweetheart, you are better than your mummy...

This was the start of a long series of love making which carried on for several years, even after I got married. By : Pat Cash
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  1. SUJi Says:

    Very Very horny , interesting story. Like to find more such stories.

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