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Hi, My name is Smita. I am 19 years old and 2nd year in University. Time to time I visit Desibaba site to enhance my knowledge of sex. My brother introduced this horny site to me. I learned much about sex when I was 13years old with my brother who is 1year younger but looks older than me. We were born in India and when I was about 7 years we came to stay here in England. We moved to a 2 bedroom council house in Leicester. So my brother and me had to sleep in one room.

Our room had two beds but my brother used to come and sleep with me on the same bed. And we used to play doctor/nurse game. He examined my body and would I do the same to him. He always maked me naked and only checked my private parts. And I also made him naked and play for hours with his thingy. Sometimes on my own I used to look in my hole between my legs to find the thingy but one day dad caught me in that position and I had a big slap. Since than our game stopped but he taught me all names and swearing after that. When I was about 12-13 years old sometimes I noticed that my brother put his hands under my shirt and would press my boobs area. At that time my boobs just started to grow. One night he woke me up and said,"Sis, I want to show you something and took me to mum’s bedroom. From the little open door I saw unbelievable things. Our next door uncle Mike and Aunty Sara was in with mum. Mum was on her knees and Uncle Mike pushing his cock in my mum’s mouth. It must be at least bloody 8inch long, thick like my arm and aunty Sara’s mouth on mum's choot. After sometimes mum started to lick aunty Sara’s choot and uncle pushed his tounge in mum’s gaand. Then he started to fuck her from behind. I couldn't believe how can mum take the whole monster in her choot. I was so gob smacked that I froze to see what they were doing. I didn’t realize that my brother was taking advantage, started rubbing my boobs. Mum started to cry for more faster to fuck her, aunty said, you fucking bitch, keep quite, suck my cunt faster and hard than only you will have that fucking cock in your cunt. My brother took me to bed and started to whisper in my ear that he has seen this so many times, when dad goes to the night shift and what they do and so on. I had some kind of a feeling in my whole body that I didn’t realize that he lifted my top and my boobs were all open view.

He said.” sis your boobs r so nice, we will play with eachother. He took my little nipple in his mouth and guided my hand to his lund. After early age very first time I was holding his lund in my hand (that what I was thinking but my brother told me afterwards that he used to make me hold his lund while I was sleeping). His lund changed lots since than, his balls were bigger and fuller and lund was also lots bigger, it was growing thicker, harder and longer every seconds as soon as I started to play with it. I was feeling great and thinking about what I’ve seen. Than he pushed my payjama and panty down and spread my legs open. He said,"sis,teri choot pe to mum ke jaise baal nahi he, teri choot kitni smooth he. He opened my choot with his fingers and put his tounge in my choot than started to push his finger in, I said,"bhai,maine aaj tak is me kuchh nahi dala he aur me chahati hu saab se phahle is me aapka lund hi dalo.lekin koi aayega to mar jayenge. He said,"ok lets stop for now but kiss my cock and take it in your mouth like mum did. I kissed his peter than he pushed it in mouth. He held my head so tight and started to fuck my mouth in and out. After a few seconds his body was so stiff and lund soo tight and long and he pissed in my mouth. I said, Bhai, why did you piss in my mouth. He said,"sis,ye piss nahi he, ye to tu achhi cocksucker he is liye inam me lund ka cream mila tuje.After that every night we started doing this. I always looked forward to hold his lund in my hand. It was such a cute little Lund. Sometimes he called me in the toilet to hold his lund when he pissed when no one around. I loved to hold his lund and used like water pistol.Than he removed my panty, make me spread my legs and open my coot and piss in my choot hole. It felt so good that warm light yellow stream of water goes into my choot with force. Then he made me bend forward and I pissed while he massaged my boobs and my gaand. He put his lund under my pissing stream.After that he fuck my mouth and I felt it the cream taste with mixture of our piss.

One day my mum and dad went to Birmingham for some religious function and they were not coming back until next day. I was looking forward to some fun with my brother. We took a shower together. Then he took me to the bedroom and I started sucking his already hard lund.He said,"meri pyari bahen,abb tu mera lund choos,aaj me aapni bahen ko chodunga,aaj aapna lund teri choot me dunga,aaj tera seal todenge" than he started on my boobs, and said,Isko abb dabake,choos ke aapni mum ke je se bade banayenge. Muje aapni bahen ke boobsl choos ke iska milk nikal na he Mene kaha,"ha bhai mere ball mum ki tarah banane ke liye aap kuchh bhi kar sakte ho." While sucking my boobs he started rubbing my choot.My choot was already wet.He opened my hole and started to suck. Sis, aaj tuje chod ke hum aapna dream pura karenge.Hum dono bhai-bahen ki virginity ek saath jayegi. Hum jab chhote the tab se raat ko me teri choot ko kholke dekhata tha. I love your cunt. You girls have beautiful choot. Straight line from front covering choot to back to your gaand. Sis teri choot aander se kittani soft & pink he. He started to rub his swollen lund on my entrance. I wanted to do it but was scared becauseit was our first time. But my brother learned everything from my mum’s adventure.

He started to push his lund in my small choot. Pain started in my choot as he was pushing. I said,"Bhaiya,bahoot dard hota he, I think I am too young to take your lund in my choot. He said,"bahen,aab tu choodvane layak jawan ho gayi he, aur aab thodi der baad jab tera seal tootega baad me tu uncle ka lund bhi dalva sakti he. I was streching my legs as much as I could to ease the pain but as he was pushing harder there was no relief. He said,"Sis,khole aapni choot ko, aapne bahi ka lund le mera doast Oliver was telling me that you are a really cockteaser. Whenever he sees you in your school tight mini skirt, he says his lund goes poll position. He wants to fuck you and we will arrange one day for that. His lund is double the size of mine. While talking to me he pushed his lund with one big hard push and I thought my body was torn into two pieces, I cried out loud and nearly fainted with the pain. My brother said,"Your fucking choot is soo tight, Aab teri choot ko fad ke tera hole bada kar diya he,aab tuje har raat ko chodunga. My pain was fading and started to enjoying now. I said, "Ha bhaiya,aab to me harroj tera lund aapni choot me lungi.achha lagata he, jor se dal meri choot me,Yeh ball aur choot sab tera he,tu isko jese chahe is tarah use kar sakata he. He started fucking me hard, suddenly his lund became so thick and tight and with one big push he emptied his loads in my hot choot to cool down. I said thank you bhaiya,aaj muje chod ke bahoot maja karaya. me khoosh hu ki mere pyare bhai ne muje first time chod ke mera seal toda. I love your lund,aaj se ye lund mera he aur ye choot aapki, I started to play with his blood and cream coated lund.It started to became hard again. Then he turned me around and spit in my gaand.I said, Bhai,kya kar rahe ho? Meri gaand me thukate kyo ho?He said,"aab teri gaand me thuk lagake marunga. I said,nahi bhai,please aaj nahi, mere aage ke aur pichhe ke dono hole ek saath fatange to kal school jate samay chalana muskil ho jayega. He let me go but made suck his cock. After some weeks he fucked my virgin arse as well and let his friend to fuck my mouth but that story some other time.
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