Unexpected Sex in Travel

I was standing in a queue for getting darshan of god in a temple. My wife had gone to her mother’s house. I was starving for sex at that time. In the queue one middle-aged lady was standing before me. Her bra was visible through the thin transparent blouse. I was unable to take my eyes from looking at the blouse. I was unable to concentrate on god, though I was chanting some mantras. Her buttocks were really sexy and her jasmine flowers on her head were killing me with feelings of lust.

While moving in the queue, she sometimes turned sideways. I could see her sexy boobs imprisoned tightly in her bra. Her sweat mixed with her sexy smell. Oh god I was unable to stop my erection through my dothi. I was trying to control, fearing whether my bulge will touch her from behind. I was keeping a safe distance.

But when there was pressure in the queue and I was tightly sandwiched between the lady and another man from behind ..casually I touched her exposed part of her waist. She did not say anything . At that moment we were entering a veranda, which was dark. Encouraged by the darkness and under extreme lust I started massaging her ass. Oh god, she did not resist.

I then started putting my hand on her blouse and started touching her nipples. she turned and smiled. she put her hand behind and touched the bulge. Then we started a conversation. She was married and her husband was in Dubai. She belonged to my caste. I told her that my wife had gone to ciombatore. She asked me whether I was missing my wife for sex. I told her that I cold not control my sexual urge on seeing her sexy body in close proximity and asked her pardon for misbehaving. She told me that she wanted sex, as it was 4 months her husband was away, and she wanted to have sex with only a good man believing in god. I asked her whether I could have her. She told me ok but only once and that we should not meet again.

After darshan she took me in her car to her house. She was alone in the big house she wanted to prepare coffee for me and was in the kitchen. I went behind her and hugged her cupping her sexy boobs. She said no not now...but I started kissing her on her neck, lips, calling her oh sexy kamala, kamaakutty, how sexy u r ....she was saying no no...but her hands were searching for my tool.

I picked her up in my arms like a child and took her to the bedroom, and placed her on the bed. I started unwinding her sari and unhooked her blouse. She asked me if I wanted her to shave there.... I like oral she said..But my husband refuses to do it.

I told her that I would like to kiss her pussy with the pubic hair and started to untie her petticoat and she was not wearing underwear, so I started kissing her sexy wet pussy, she was moaning with pleasure...ayyyo ah ah ah lovely ....... she was breathing heavily and had a shuddering orgasm. She kissed me fervently calling me sexy kanna.....pl fuck me hard...pl.pl.

She untied my underwear, and my 6.5 inch erect penis was standing as an iron rod she cried oh how big and hard it is and started fondling my tool making it still harder.

She spread her legs and her sexy pussy was inviting so I pushed my tool into the tight wet pussy and started pumping her hard biting slightly her breasts, she was moaning like a mad person,, calling me a sexy rajaa,,, kanna....the thrusts became like a grinding machine and I ejaculated and she kissed me and we were in the same position for half an hour.

After food I left, she told me that she enjoyed it but does not want to meet me and requested me not to tell anyone. I have changed her name here. It was a great experience .Ramanathan
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