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Hello again dear readers. I guess you have enjoyed reading my love stories that were uploaded in the recent past on HD. I have already narrated a few of my most passionate sexperiences I had with different lovers on different counts. I have read all the good, not so good and the ugly remarks posted by the readers and I would like to thank you for the same.

I would continue to love read all the further comments which my readers would be posting after going through my next episode. This incident took place recently, only a few months ago with one of my college time mates Tapan (name changed for obvious reasons) He was the cousin of one of my neighbourhood friends and a very close friend of my lover Gopal with whom I was passionately involved with in having sex with.

It is no secret for me and the readers that we both had once had sex together along with Gopal who had been my lover since long. But some how we lost contact and did not meet again for a few years. This current incident took place when he had sex with me at my home when he got the opportunity of taking me in my bed room.

The difference between both the occasion was while the first time he was quite nervous fucking me and was almost a novice, the next time when he took me, he had become an expert lover and had fucked me real hard and satisfied me fully by his technique and stamina. The whole sequence of incidents went like this:

It had been years since I had any contact with him after my sexual involvement with him years back. The reason for this lack of contact was that his father had been transferred to another state and he too had to leave our home city of Panipat. Since we both were living in different cities, any chance meeting at any public place also never took place.

With the passage of time, even the visits to my home city got reduced to a great extent and as a result I was not able to meet even my closest friends of college days. But still on rare occasions I came to know about his whereabouts from some common friends. I was also told that Tapan went on to study law and later started his own practice and was doing reasonably well as a practising advocate.

It looked like my past had finally been lost in the gallows of time and every one got busy with his own life. At times I did used to think about him and Gopal and the threesome sex we had all together, the only time in my life. But destiny was still kind to me and it so happened that once there were some problems my husband began facing in his business.

A dispute originated among his partners and it went very bad leading to law suits and possible splits and closures. He got entangled in some other law suits by other partners and a few others who had joined with them bid to take over the control of his line of industry. Several cases were slapped on my husband and now most of his time was taken up in court rooms instead of his factory.

He had hired a good lawyer for the cases and the proceedings which were going almost smoothly started to lag behind. It looked as if we could possibly lose the suit and losing the suits meant the end of the business for us. He was upset and had even stopped relying on his lawyers and went on to discuss the matter with other lawyers and study the law books himself.

Even our personal and sexual life was disturbed due to this and it was weeks since we had any sexual contact with each other and I was getting desperate too. Seeing him under great stress, I felt sorry for him and wanted to help him some how. Once while sitting together, we were talking about our future course of action and he was undecided about it.

I casually mentioned Tapan and told him that he was my friend during my college days and now he too is a competent lawyer and possibly could help us at least in guiding to the right track. He for once was surprised as I had never mentioned his name in front of him but I convinced him that Tapan was just a casual friend and a cousin of one of my classmates and nothing more and at that time we had a healthy friendship.

A picture of Tapan fucking me in threesome came to my mind when I mentioned him as a healthy friend, and a small smile came to my lips. My husband thought for a moment and decided that there was no harm in discussing the matter with him if he could come out with some solution or a right track to go on.

He told me to contact him some how and invite him here so that we could discuss the things in detail. The next day I called my couple of friends and tried to track his whereabouts. I was informed that some time back, his father was again posted back to our home city of Panipat but now he lived in a different sector. When I finally got his phone number, I was excited calling him after so many years.

Our first conversation after so many years was friendly and courteous with no reference to what had taken place between us years back. After listening to the story, he too looked eager to meet me when I told him about the whole situation. On my request, Tapan came to our home a couple of days later on an evening when he had taken a day off due to some festival day off.

The meeting with Tapan went of well and my husband was quite relieved with the advise and solutions suggested by him. Tapan looked like a thorough professional in his approach and attitude while he narrated a few cases almost similar to ours that he had contested successfully. The discussion with him was giving us both a ray of hope and confidence.

I was thinking that he had changed a lot since the last I saw him. His very sight made me recollect the time when we had sex together a long time back. Sitting in front of me, he did make me sexually aroused for once. When the discussion was almost over after several sessions of tea and snacks, he then started to take a leave as he had to drive all the distance back to his home city.

My husband asked him to come over with us for a dinner at the club we used to frequent. Since he was not doing any thing more important and had enough time at his disposal, he accepted our invitation after a little hesitation. I went into my room to get ready while they both were still talking in the living room. I dressed myself in a black saree and blouse from which my bra was slightly from the transparency of the cloth.

The blouse had deep front and back revealing a good amount of the upper portion of my 35" size boobs and cleavage. It did reveal a good amount of my back which it did not cover. I did some light make up to look more desirable since I was going out with Tapan along with my husband. As I came out and asked my husband to get ready, I saw a look of admiration and desire in Tapan's eyes.

He was looking at my cleavage and my flat tummy with a rather hungry look in his eyes. As my husband went inside the room to change, Tapan gave me a wolfish smile and I felt myself getting weak in front of him. The lack of sexual interaction with my husband for a considerable time now and my desperation for it was having its effect on my mind and body. I wanted Tapan to take me at the first opportunity, but I knew it was not possible.

We had a good time there. My husband ordered whisky for himself and Tapan while I was sipping tomato juice. My husband since was relaxed from his stress, was enjoying his drink and in the process took more than what he normally takes and I could make out that he was getting intoxicated. Tapan on the other hand was sitting quietly and nursing his solitary drink.

I could see him giving me naughty stares and smiles whenever our eyes meet. His stares were taking me years back in time when we were in college and finally in bed together along with Gopal. Though he did not talk much, still we had a good time there. On our return, my husband stopped the car near the main gate for us to step out so that he could take the car further towards our parking slot around the block.

Since it had rained a bit while we were having dinner at the club, there were poodles of water where we had to get out from the car. I was trying to get out of the car and place my foot on the pavement which was more than a step away from the car and the water had logged there.

Since Tapan had already got out before me, he came to my rescue and helped me out by holding me in his arms to support me to jump safely over the pool of water. His touch and arms around my waist, made me feel aroused for no apparent reason. I was already turning on and getting high and his touch had added fuel to the fire.

As my husband was locking the main doors and the main grills we were already one flight of stairs ahead of him. I was taking each step slowly and Tapan was matching my steps. He was walking so close that our bodies were almost touching with each others. I was bewildered when he suddenly caught my hand but had to leave it immediately when he heard the foot steps of my husband approaching a landing below.

For once it felt good that he took my hands in his own but he was taking too much for granted and too great risk. Inside home, as we settled down my hubby asked him if he could stay here for the night as there was no point in going back a long distance at this time. I too supported his offer and Tapan finally agreed to stay the night with us.

We all sat down in the living room and started chatting. But after a while my husband since he had some early meetings and more over having taken a few drinks beyond his capacity, was feeling a bit nausea had excused himself and went inside his bedroom to retire after I gave him some therapy that did not help.

I got up to make the guest room ready for Tapan and asked him to feel easy and at home, to which he replied that he would. I came back and took my seat in front of him on the other sofa and continued our conversation. Tapan was contineously looking at me in my eyes. It looked like he was conveying some message but now I was having problems looking straight in his eyes, I was feeling weak looking at him.

As I tried to get up and close our conversation, he casually asked me if he could have a cup of tea since he was in a habit of taking one before retiring for the day. I went into the kitchen and started making tea for both of us. He also followed me and came in the kitchen and stood near the door resting on the counter.

I placed the pot of water on the burner and excused myself to change while the water boil. I asked him to use the bathroom near our room and he would find some thing to change. Inside my room, I changed into my regular night dress that was sleeveless, had slightly deeper neck with a view to my cleavage, it had thin straps to hold on, on my shoulders.

The cloth was of thin satin that give an illusion of transparency and showed off my body well. As a regular habit, I had already removed my bra before putting on the nighty. I thought of wearing the gown over it but later changed the idea and came out. I did not have the time to remove my make up as I knew the tea was ready by now.

I checked on my husband to see if he needed anything but he was fast asleep and snoring. As I came out, I saw Tapan was wearing my hubby's jogging trousers and T-shirt, he looked like an athlete in his muscular body. The moment he saw me, I could see naked desire in his eyes to take me.

We were having tea sitting at the table and he was looking at me intently making me feel uncomfortable. The overhead light was falling on my face and I knew he was able to see every expression on my face. I was trying to avoid meeting his eyes as I did not wish him to read my feelings that had come up since he had touched my body earlier by holding me in his arms.

Memories of my last sexual session with him came flashing to my mind like a projector being played. I was not sure if he too was thinking about that episode. He looked at my feet below where the night gown had moved up to almost my knee, I tried to pull my gown down wards in an attempt to cover my legs, but it look like he was already aroused.

I was unable to make out what to do or talk about. He had that naked desire in his eyes which I could not handle, I lowered my eyes. I could see that his eyes were glaring at my figure that was revealed by my night gown, my bare arms, my cleavage, my breasts that were rising and falling with every breadth. I felt his leg touch mine under the table, I did not respond but also did not pulled back mine.

He gently put his hand over mine and pressed it softly. I slowly withdrew mine without any reaction. I was well aware that my husband was sleeping inside the room and I did not want to go any further lest we wake him from his sound sleep. I casually asked him about his wife and kids, to which he simply replied that they all were fine. Nothing more than this.

I knew that he did not want the subject of his wife being discussed at this time when he was sitting with me. I did not say any thing further and since our tea was almost finished, I got up and removed the cups from the table and said, "it's late enough, we should go to sleep now". I went towards the switch board and switched off the lights in the kitchen and the main hall,

leaving a small bulb on that spread a dim light only in a small area leaving the rest in darkness. As I started to move toward my bed room, he caught my hand and pulled me towards himself which made me turn around and I got so close to his face that it was almost touching mine. I could barely make out his silhouette in the dim light.

He put his one hand around my waist and the other around my neck and pulled me further towards him bringing me more closer to him and in the process hugging me and taking me in his arms. I was real scared and whispered hoarsely. "Tapan..... please.... No....please stop....what are you doing Tapan......." before I could complete, he was breathing on my neck and kissing me all over.

He had held me so tightly by my waist that I was unable to escape even if I wanted to. He pushed me against the wall of the kitchen and kissed me on my forehead, cheeks and finally on my lips. I tried to break his hug and exerted a little pressure but his grip was too strong for me and in the process the neck of my gown got slided to one side exposing almost my one boob.

Slowly he pushed me more towards the wall and brought his hands towards my chest and softly squeezed my boobs and also pinched my exposed nipple making me give out a soft moaning sound. I was so afraid of my own moaning lest my husband wake up and come outside to inquire that I could even hardly resist him.

I was also beginning to lose my self control since he had been pinching and rubbing my nipples. I relaxed my body making him loosen up his grip on me and then I exerted some pressure and managed to break the hug and ran towards my room leaving him still standing out there. I could not sleep for almost an hour and kept on thinking about him though I was now sexually excited.

It had been a long time since any one apart from my husband had held me and tried to kiss me. When I finally did doze off, I dreamt of myself having sex with Tapan that night. The next morning, my husband woke up early and got ready as he had to attend an important meeting before arriving at his office. Sitting on the table, he asked me to call Tapan for breakfast as he was getting ready to leave.

I knocked at his door before entering the room. He too was ready and tying the knot of his neck tie. Seeing me alone and no one behind me, he once moved towards me and took me in his arms and tried to kiss me like he did the night before. I was shocked and afraid as my husband was just a few steps outside the room waiting for us to appear for the breakfast.

I whispered in his ears so that my husband could not hear, "what are you doing Tapan? My husband is outside, waiting..". He was absolutely cool about it and tried to kiss my lips and suck my lower one. I asked him to come out for breakfast and almost ran out of the room. He came out of his room a few minutes later to join us.

At the table, I and my husband were sitting on one side and he occupied a seat opposite mine. While he and my hubby were talking, his feet were gently pressing mine and touching my calf. At other time he would extend his hands to pick up some dish and in the process touch me. I was not only horrified but getting in a cold sweat.

I got up from my seat on the pretext of making some fresh tea for him while he was talking to my husband. He told my husband that he would also be leaving now as he has a lot of driving to do back his place and be at his office in time to attend his over loaded work. Suddenly the phone of my husband rang and the people he was supposed to meet were already in their offices, he was getting late for his appointment.

While he was talking on his phone, for the sake of formality and goodwill gesture, and because Tapan had been good enough to come driving nearly a hundred kilometres on my request, I casually asked him if he could stay for lunch as it would be late by the time he reach his office. He did not reply but kept looking at me searching for any indication.

My husband shook hands with him before leaving and thanked for all the trouble he took. He even tried to hand over a cheque towards his professional charges to which Tapan firmly refused to accept since it was for a friend he was doing. My husband asked him if he could stay for that day too so that they both could meet later in the evening and have some good time.

But Tapan was already all set to leave and thanked my husband for his hospitality and expressed his inability to stay for any longer. He also thanked me for having taken a good care of him. I was totally speechless and just smiled at him asking him to come over again next time he was in Delhi.

Casually he asked my husband if he could use his computer and internet facility as he had to send a couple of important mails which should have been sent yesterday itself. My husband said, "sure, the computer is in the study" and he directed him towards the room before waving his bye to both of us. Tapan started towards the study.

I got up to close the door after my hubby left for his work and as I turned around, Tapan turned back too and stood at the study room door smiling with a lusty look in his eyes. As I came back towards the table to clear the dishes, he came towards me, caught and held me again by my waist and hugged me tightly in his arms.

He took his face towards mine and caught my ear lobs with his teeth biting them softly and whispering in my ears " I love you honey, why did you run away yesterday night? I was longing for you and wanted to take you". I was speechless and couldn't find words to say anything.

He then slide his one hand inside my shirt and started exploring the softness of my waist and body which was a result of my hours of sessions at my beauty parlour and hard sweating at yoga and swimming. He was kissing me all over my neck and bit my shoulder. My breasts were being pressed against his broad and strong chest and I was fast losing control of myself.

All my resistance was gone now and I was beginning to feel aroused and excited and wanting him to take me now. He whispered in my ears, "let's go in your room and complete the rituals" and I followed him towards my own bed room. It was bizarre that the bed on which I always had sex with my husband would now be shared by my old time lover.

The bed was still undone since I had no time to tidy up my room. He was holding me in his arms and made me lay gently on my bed hugging me tightly. He finally broke the hug and said, "Alka your body is still so soft and silky. You have not at all changed all these years since I took you last and put his lips on mine.

I hesitated and tried to back out but he pulled me closer and gently sucked my lower lip. He was kissing me passionately and I could feel his hands around my waist going down on my thighs as I too tightened my grip around him and took my arms around his back and tried to bring him further down over me.

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