Boobs sucked of Shivangi

Hi I wanna share my this experience with all I'm a medical student in one goverment medical college in Orissa. In our class one extremely beautiful and horny girl named SHIVANGI is there. There's no doubt that every single boy in our class dreams of having her with him on bed for at least one night.

One can't even imagine how many times the boys must have masturbated thinking of her. One night while I was returning from the market I saw Shivangi standing in front of one small hotel and she seemed waiting for someone there. I went up to her and asked her who she was waiting for. She said she was waiting for her boyfriend who's a PG student in our own college.

As I was talking to her my eyes fell over the elevations of her tops caused by her boobs. She's an extremely fair girl,from this one can imagine how white like marble her boobs must be. They were of ideal size too. I started talking to her and continuously put my eyes on her boobs and imagined if I could just stretch my hands and press them.

For one moment I thought I can't resist myself any more and i'm definitely gonna press and play with her boobs tonight.But I don't know how I had controlled myself till then. When she realized that I was continuously gazing at her boobs and her cleavage which was visible just below her neck,she knowingly pulled her tops a little down so that I could've a better view of her whitish boobs.

I was suddenly shocked by her such behaviour. But I didn't say anything. I just continued normal talking. Then after talking for about 5 to 10 minutes I felt my cock standing erect. I realized that I can't resist anymore. This was beyond my controlling power. I didn't know what to do.So I stayed silent for sometime.

I think she realized that as her eyes dropped down towards the zip of my geans which was about to explode unable to bear the force with which my penis was standing erect. She said "i want to tell you something in private. Can you come to that corner?" unable to speak even A word I just nodded and went after her.

When we reached a corner behind a wall, to my utter surprise,she pulled out her boobs out of her tops. I was startled to see that and my mouth fell open. I also noticed that she hadn't worn any bra. Suddenly she held my head between her two palms and Pulled my head and put my mouth right above her left nipple. I was confused by her sudden such behaviour.

But really I was quite happy by that and I pulled her tightly towards me and started sucking her nipples. I bit her whole left booby and she started to moan softly. I can't explain how I felt right at that moment. Her boobs were like silk and sponge and I felt like I was eating some delicious paneer some divine restaurant.

I continued biting and chewing her boobs and her nipple and opened my eyes to look at them. Really her beautiful boobs were marble white and the most beautiful possibly in the world. I continued sucking them and felt like some ocean of milk was about to come out of them any moment. I was enjoying every moment now.

My hands traced the beautiful curves which she had and slowly went down. I slowly unhooked her geans button and entered my hand inside. I entered my hand inside her panty and found out her pussy and put my middly finger inside it. She suddenly fell towards the wall and now she was leaning against the wall.

My left hand was inside her vagina and my right hand was fondling her right boob. My mouth was still reluctant to leave her left nipple. I continued biting and sucking her left breast as if I would never leave it and take it home with me. It was tastiest thing I had ever put in my mouth in my whole life. I continued doing that for about half an hour when I heard someone calling her name.

We both realized at the same time that her boyfriend had come. She suddenly got up pushed out my head from her lovely white boobs,but I was not going to leave it,at least not tonight. She pushed me hard,but I caught her hands together and held them tight and continued sucking her boobs. Suddenly her phone inside her pocket rang. I realized her bf was calling her.

But then the worst thing happened. Hearing her phone ringing from some nearby place her bf traced and at last found us. He was right behind my back when I was sucking her boobs. Seeing that he got astonished and angry and shouted loudly. I got up, leaving the softest boobs in the world finally outside my mouth.

Shivangi quickly put her boobs inside her tops,zipped her pants and was horrified. Unable to think what to do I suddenly threw one glance at her,then at her large double milk tankers in front of her beautiful chest and thought of running. Then suddenly I thought I may not get a chance in future these beautiful nipples.

So finally,i pushed her back to the wall,pulled her tops down with as much as force as possible and pulled out her boobs and bit them so hard that she groaned in pain. When I retracted my mouth I saw that I had completely bit her left nipple out and actually Her nipple was inside my mouth which I could feel now. Her left breast was bleeding now.

She was crying in pain and fell on the ground. Her bf pushed me side and fell in front of her and took her breast in his hand and when he saw what I had done He looked at me with anger. I was terrified and at the blink of an eye started running from that place.

But while I was running one thought continuously kept disturbing my mind i had destroyed the most beautiful boobs &most beautiful nipples in world&her nipple was right inside my mouth now.

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