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Hi Readers, Nikhil Oberoi this side.I had posted on this site few months back about my extra marital affair with my son's teacher, Roshini.I had also written about my wife and how a boy of 20 something in our building had the hots for her.Her I would like to continue my narration about what happened between that boy and my wife, Aleena.

Just to let you know about my wife, one of the hottest moms and milfs your come across. White as milk, long slender waxed legs,perfect round ass,red full lips and a pair of tits to die for,36C.She could turn heads anywhere she went and nobody could even guess that she was a mom of 2.Now I really wanted to see her get fucked, badly.

After confronting her on this topic I convinced her that I was fine about it and wanted her to enjoy some pleasurable moments.On a Sunday we sent the Kids along with the maid to their grandmom's place for the entire day.At around 3pm I called up the boy, Yash, who used to eye my wife on the building intercom.I asked him if he was free and could come over to my place for sometime.

I dint tell him why and he come over after 10 mins.Aleena was very nervous.I had made her wear a low neck black tank top and a white full lenght skirt below.All the curtains in the house were put and with the ACs on, it was nice and cool.I opened the door to Yash and asked him to have a seat.He had no idea for what he had been called for and just obeyed me.

He was a relatively shy and reserved fellow with fair boyish looks.Aleena then walked out of the room into the living room and boy, was she looking smoking or what.Her bust line already visible. I saw Yash and could see his eyes transfixed on my wifes body scanning every part. She said hi and sat down on a couch facing him.I went and sat next to my wife with one hand on her shoulder.

I first thought about how I should approach the situation but then I knew what everyone wanted.I asked him, "So Yash, are you hungry?".He replied saying that he wasnt and had already had lunch. It was time for me to make the move.I caught my wife tightly and gave her a deep kiss on her lips making sounds that drive a person crazy.I then looked at him and said, "Now you must be hungry".

The poor guy dint know what he had landed himself into and sat her holding his breath.I knew I had to initiate something more in him.I was getting horny now.I whispered in my wife ear, "Go take him."She got up hesitantly and sat next to him.She first kissed him on his clean shaved fair cheek.He still dint move.Then she kissed his ear lobe.But he dint respond.

Then I got fed up walked upto her, caught her tank top with both my hands and tore it apart. She was baffled on what I had just done, but before something could be said I thrust my tongue in her mouth.Her removed her torn top and she was now only in a triumph 36C black. This I think stimulated the boy and he turned towards her.

She got up and bent forward to allow him to taste one of the best melons ever.He caught her waist and licked her cleavage.Now I knew the game had begun.I backed off and sat on the sofa.He looked at me and I said to him, "Rip her apart."My wife laughed and said, "Oooo..I like that".He got up and caught hold of my wife's ass, the soft buns and picked her up.

He lay her on the soft carpet below and removed her skirt.He then removed his jeans and shirt and climed on top of her.I could see the hugeee bulge in hus undies.Now in front of me on the carpet was my wife in black lingerie and a boy of 20 on top of her.They kissed each othet for sometime.I then caught my wife bra strap and pulled it which made a sound on her skinof 'Chit'.

They looked at me at I said remove.He put his hands behind her and flung open her hooks. And then the scene I cannot forget.He pounced on her melons and kept sucking them like a dog. She was moaning wildy and my hand was inside my shorts.She lifted her arms and I felt like jumping on those clean shave armpits and licking them.But I controlled myself.

I wanted to be a spectator, not a player.She then made him remove his underwear and got hold of his penis.It wasnt as big as my monster but big enough.It was pinkish.She opened the foreskin and started the blowjob.He was in some trance thrusting his dick further in her mouth. His hand were still groping her tits, piching his nipples.

After this he removed her panties and the clean shaved pussy was ready with all its juices to be fucked.The got in a missionary position and started the session.Oh..i was going insane. I was stroking my monster which was now covered in cum.The boy suddenly got wild and increased his pace.

My wife was shouting uncontrolably, "Aaahhhh...Fuckk harder fuckk fuckk fuckk me fuck me".Her boobs were bouncing and they were now sweating profusely.They would smooch hard every now and then and I was ready to explode.So was the boy, Yash. After 10-15 mins of fucking, Aleena came with a thundering orgasm.

She asked him to stop but to my surprise the guy kept going on and on and on.And before she could say anything else, he covered her mouth with his hand and further increased the tempo. This made me so so so fucking horny.She wanted to say something but was just able to make sounds "Mmmmmm...mmmmm...mmm".She looked at me but I dint do anything.

And then the guy cummed inside her and fell on her.She screamed, "U fucker, I dint want you to cum inside me."But he was almost dead.I could see all of it dripping from her hole.It was now my turn.I pushed him aside and climbed on top of her.She said to me, "baby no more for now".But I told her "I want you bitch and thrust my monster inside her.

She was moaning again but now in pain.My swollen monster was making her pay.And my big hands were squeazing the life out of her melons.I fucked her with all my mighty force and after 6-7 mins I also came inside her with a big cum load.I kissed her hard and now she had had countless orgs and was in no position to go further.I got up, naked and saw Yash.

He was sitting on the sofa with, to my shock, a fully erect cock stroking it.He looked at me and said, "I want her again".Aleena heard this and said,"Get the hell out assole". But I dont know what got into me I told her, "One more".Before she could get up,he caught her hands on the floor and started it again. He thrust it deeeeep inside her and put his tongue inside her mouth.

She was now in his brutal control.Hands on the floor, mouth occupied and dick inside.SHe was moaning in pain.He fucked her for another 7-8 mins and came on her, this time on her tits.That was the end of the session.She was very annoyed for an hour or two but after that she had a smile on her face.That night I fucked her again, hardcore style!!!

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    Nice to read your story. It is really arousing.

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