Wife fucked when husband out of town

As my hand reached out to close the shower after my morning bath, heard the doorbell, as it is I was getting late for my office and wondering who it could be, opened the door. I was surprised to see Mitaliji, my neighbor standing there with a bowl in her hand. She was looking beautiful in her pink salwar kameez and perhaps has just come out of shower.

“I need to borrow some sugar, as I have run out of it”. She asked me. I was wondering to either go change into something from the towel in which I was standing there or keep her watching. What the hell, I decided on the latter and told her, “Yeah it is in the kitchen, please come inside”.

My wife and two kids were away on a vacation to their grandparents place, today was the fourth day and they were not expected to come back in another 10 days. I was running late for my office which starts at 10 am, it was already 9:15 am and it takes me half an hour to reach there, hurriedly I went into the kitchen and handed her the Jar,

while handing her the jar suddenly my towel’s knot opened and I was stark naked standing in front of her, a very awkward situation, one hand had a jar and another the towel trying to cover up what she has already seen. To say she was shocked would be an understatement, on the contrary she was first surprised then, quite amused and I noticed a sly smile on her beautiful face,

as if she was actually amused by this sudden indecent exposure, although unintentional. “Sorry”, I said, nothing else came to mind and to release the tension, “It’s ok but you have a nice one there, I now know what is the secret of Ruchi’s (my wife), happiness”, was her reply. I was taken aback from her words, but finished the jobs at the hand, first handing her the sugar jar, then tying the towel.

I was also quite surprised on her reaction and looked at her face stealthily, she was also watching me. I noticed some things about her for the first time, nice curves of her boobs, outline of her bra, the arms they were clean and waxed, perhaps and smooth. Hair tied in a bun, beautiful pink full lips, her face looked like an angel’s devoid of any make up,

In a way I noticed her beauty for the first time, and my dick too, it responded with a little jerk, which didn’t went unnoticed ! She said, “thank you for both - the show and the sugar”, and went back smiling with naughtiness in her deep, dark beautiful eyes. I heard my apartment door closing and then hers, as I was about to lock my door, there was a soft knock, and again she was standing there.

This time her hands were empty and I was wondering what’s the matter, and then she said, “Ravi (her husband) is out of town and I wanted to have a taste of your thing, it would sure be better than the tea I was about to take”, she knelt on her knees and in a jerk removed my towel, took my dick in her mouth, it was limp, but slowly started to respond to her probing tongue.

I reached to my cell phone on the side table and messaged my boss that I will be coming late, by 11 am, surely you can always go to office tomorrow or late, but opportunities like these don’t come, knocking at your door, every day. I was standing there enjoying her sucking me, my hand went to her hair and untied the bun, she had beautiful,

silky hair up to her shoulders and sunrays reflected from them on every bounce of her head produced by her sucking. “slurp, slurp….aaah, aaah…. Slurp …. Aaah”, were the only sound in the room. I Started unzipping her kameez, she was wearing those figure-hugging-zip-on-back types of kameez, I could see her smooth silky wheatish skin and pink bra straps.

My hand started to rub her, and she continued on her sucking. “Hmm it definitely tastes good, I was right you have beautiful one, I like them clean (I mentally thanked myself for keeping it clean), I am going to suck you till you come”. I was feeling like heaven and told her, “I should also get a chance to see you as you have seen me”.

“With pleasure”, with this she got up, and slipped out of her kameez, untied her string of salwar and was standing in front of me in just the pink bra and panty, was she looking beautiful, my god. She was. “It seems pink is your favorite color, you have turned my dick also pink”, the tip was glistening with the pre cum, sunrays reflecting of it, giving it an inviting shine.

Her hand reached her back and unclasped the bra hook and uncovered her boobs, they sprang and as I guessed was topped with pink nipples, they were hard, erect and inviting with big areola, “I cannot take my eyes of it”, was her remark to my dick, “me too”, was my reply looking at her boobs. She was continuously looking at my dick, now in full might, ready to screw.

Her sucking was magical and maniacal. Mitali now stepped out of her panties too and said, “I don’t think we have lot of time so let’s better get it over with, my pussy is already wet, so why don’t you just fuck me”, she climbed on the sofa and bent holding the backrest of the sofa, inviting me to penetrate from behind in doggy style, she was true, we don’t have much time.

“Your pussy is also pink”, “Yes pink is my favorite color”, she said mocking me, we both laughed. I rubbed my dick on her clit, and it slowly went inside, to put the feeling to words would be doing injustice to it, my dick slipped deep into her cunt, and was moving with quite ease, probably we both were over lubricated but it helped.

She adjusted to my gentle pace of in-out and was responding with her movements too, my hand reached to her boobs and started pressing and her hand reached out to my balls, she started massaging them. A game of hand-ball. Her movements became a little fast and her moaning also increased,

“I am about to burst, Madhav”, I increased my pace hearing this and caught hold of her buttocks, “Ouch”, and started to bang quite hard, I felt the cum boiling in my balls and she was also on the verge, I felt a little liquid spray on my dick inside, I came too, first with a jet and then little spurts. I was drained and Mitali also collapsed on the sofa.

After regaining senses, we both got up, she dressed and while leaving said, “It was great, thank you; I enjoyed a lot, please come for dinner tonight, since Ruchi is not there”. I closed the door and looked at the towel lying on the floor,

just wondering if I have heeded to my senses and followed the first thing my heart said about getting dressed up or………., then I would have been in office by this time, I looked at the watch it was already 10 15, I hurried to dress up and leave for office. Life is simple, we make it complicated by choices…..!

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